Chelsea Leventhal

Into the Light

5-channel site-responsive sound and light installation with 8 audiovisual miniatures for smartphone
Installed in a shop window during the darkest months of the Berlin winter, this piece imagines a window whispering about its memories of light and warmth. In the evenings, passersbys can pause to listen to the audio composition, comprised of sounds normally inaccessible during the coldest season, and watch a play of golden light and shadow. On an adjoining smaller window, it is possible by way of QR codes to access 8 audiovisual miniatures, each featuring a miniature battle of darkness and light as well as individual sounds from the composition. By accessing these videos in the proximity of the piece, the visitors can use the speaker of their phone to add additional audio channels to the composition, diffusing sounds that may remain in the collective consciousness, but normally would not be heard until spring.
The piece was presented at Zönotéka in Berlin and made possible with support from a project grant from Neustart Kultur awarded by the Bundesverband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler.