Chelsea Leventhal

Liminal Extensions

8-channel sound installation
Liminal Extensions II is a large-scale sound installation that examines the role of sound in the creation of liminal states such as entering, exiting, or hesitation. Passing through sculptural elements that have the clear form of doorframes, the visitor walks on a layer of dyed memory foam, which dampens the sound of their footsteps, reducing them to a purely tactile experience with a visual echo. At the same time, they perceive the sounds of footsteps traversing the space, which they cannot equate with their own movement or the room acoustics or materials around them. The 8-channel composition emerging from speakers integrated into the doorframes introduces the impossible sounds of creaking floorboards, splashing water, or echoing marble, but also uncanny moments in which fantasy and reality merge.
Construction Mentorship and Assistance: Heinrich Kampani, Klaus Krzykowski, and Kai Bloch, HbK Holzwerkstatt, Braunschweig.