Chelsea Leventhal

Wind and Other Ephemera

2 channel site-specific installation, created for the exhibition "Die Kapelle und das spezifische Gewicht der Zeit" in the former chapel of the Weimarer Stadtschloss.
The Bachstätte Organ was an integral part of the chapel in Weimar's palace until the chapel was closed in 1962 and made into an archive. The organ was dismantled and a four-story elevator for books was built where it had once stood. The chapel is now empty, but retains clear traces of both of its former identities. To create the installation, the remains of the organ, now located in the Laurentius Kirche in the village of Karsdorf/Unstrut, were tracked down and recorded. A composition created out of the low sounds of organ tones and the air pump were diffused through two speakers placed in the elevator shaft, remaining just on the threshold of audibility for those who entered the space.